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Welcome!  Pasok kayo! Check around and see my recipes, pictures, and other stuff (mostly related to food).  And don't forget to check out my food blog.
The kitchen is now open  

Memories of my childhood have always included food.  I remember my lola's kitchen with the ubiquitous aroma of food being cooked constantly.  Yes, constantly.  As in she would cook breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner each and every day.  Really.  Sundays were even a bigger production for her.  That's when she'll go to the market way before the crack of dawn to buy the ingredients for the day's special menu.  My mom was the same way while we were growing up.  But she only cooked twice a day.  My lola taught my mom how to cook.  It's the real Tagalog cooking.  And no recipes were ever involved.  Now that I have a family of my own, I'm the same way.  But I've set my limits on only cooking at least once a day, twice at the most and not always, and three times only on very special occasions.

I was never really into cooking.  Not until I graduated from college and took a term off before going to graduate school.  That's when I decided to learn how to cook.  I learned by watching my mom cook.  Oh, and that opera-singing chef on television named Pasquale also had a hand in it.  And that's when my kitchen formally opened.

Kanin and sabaw

I am a stay-at-home mom to a 2 1/2-year old boy who will only eat Pinoy food for lunch and dinner.  Kanin and sabaw (rice and soup) as he calls it.  He loves chicken tinola, sinigang, and nilaga.  But he'll also eat anything.  He's not picky at all just like my husband. 

I am a foodie, a hard-core one at that. I love all kinds of food and will try just about anything that's cooked. My entire family is the same way. Especially my hubby -- our lives revolve around food.  A family of foodies, I tell ya!

Make yourselves at home

Food, food, food.  Everything here will be about food.  I'll have recipes, pictures, restaurant reviews, and many more.  So come on in and reminisce about your lola's kitchen. Masarap dito!




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