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Kusina Ni Lola

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Pancit Palabok

Pancit Palabok
8 oz pk Bihon Noodles
1 packet Mama Sita Palabok Mix
olive oil
minced garlic
peeled shrimp
sliced hard-boiled egg
crushed chicaron
Drop noodles in boiling water.  Let steep for about 5 minutes.  Drain and set aside.  Dissolve palabok mix according to package directions.  In a wok or any kaldero, heat olive oil then brown garlic.  Add shrimp and cook until done (pink in color).  Stir in palabok mixture.  Let boil until thick in consistency (enough to coat the back of the spoon).  Pour on top of noodles.  Garnish with egg and chicaron.  (You can also add tinapa flakes, chopped green onion, and fried garlic.)






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